Arctic Beauty - Lace


Indulge yourself with the softest yarn in the world in LARGE 437 yard, 58 gram skeins!  Each skein can make a full shawl or  adult sized hat & mitts!

Arctic Beauty:  Consisting of 60% qiviut, 20% German angora, and 20% cultivated silk. Qiviut adds durability, warmth, light weight, softness and is non-itchy to skin. Qiviut has insulation properties for comfort in any climate. German angora is added for extreme softness, loftiness, warmth, durability, heat retention, insulating, non-odor absorbing and anti-static properties. Cultivated silk is added for natural strength, durability, luster, warmth and its ability to hold dyes.

Size: 437 yd /2 oz  (400m / 58g) skeins
Content: 60% Qiviut, 20% German Angora, 20% Silk
Weight: Lace. 20 wpi or US Fine #1, No. 1 - 3 needles, 8 stitches per inch.
Care Instructions: Hand wash in cool water, dry flat for best results.

Note: Colors may vary slightly by dye lot, please make certain to purchase sufficient quantities to complete your project.

Sorry, but our Musk Ox yarns are not subject to most BBR discounts due to the nature of our distributorship.


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