Care Instructions...

Hand wash in lukewarm water using a mild detergent.  Do not agitate.  Let soak for 10 minutes then rinse in the same temperature water as used in wash.  Some color transfer to wash water is normal with hand dyed yarns and garments.  Drain and gently squeeze garment to remove excess water.  Dry flat and re-block as needed.


A few words about hand dyed colors...

When ordering, remember that the colors that you see on your computer screen may be slightly different than the color of the actual color of the yarn, simply because all monitors display colors differently.

All of our yarns are hand dyed in relatively small batches and each label has a color code and dye lot number stamped onto them (such as 10-051). We recommend that when ordering, you purchase enough yarn for your entire project, however, we also recommend that you keep the labels so that if you need to order more yarn we have both the color code and dye lot number available for us to match.

There are many variables inherent to the process of hand dying which can and occasionally will result in variations in the colors even with a specific skein. We believe that this is a feature of hand dying and consider these variations to be a positive aspect of the creation of the yarn.

When you put your finished project in water and a good deal of that color ends up in the water it is called 'bleeding'. We work very hard to ensure that our hand dyed yarns do NOT bleed, however, occasionally it will happen. If you have a garment that is bleeding, please contact us as we have a few methods to correct this issue. Sometimes you will see some dye coming off a bit onto your hands and needles. The colors that do this are typically the deeper, richer tones such as "Hunter". For this reason, extra precautions, such as rinsing prior to knitting is not unreasonable when these darker colors will abut with lighter colors in the finished object.  It has been our experience is that the garment will wash fine and not fade. If, however, your experience is different, please contact us.

If you ever need any help with your color selection, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask us for help. And remember that all of our yarns and fibers come with a 100% no questions asked guarantee!