Circular Needles

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Circular Needles by Indian Lake Artisans 

Indian Lake Artisans' circular knitting needles employ a patented hexagonal shape you have come to love. The all Michigan made stainless steel, nickel free, connector allows the sturdy yet supple cord to swivel and rotate smoothly preventing any twisting of your knitting. The join is perfectly smooth and your fiber will not catch or snag as it transitions from the cord, over the connector, to the needle. The needles are hand sanded and polished to a smooth finish with 100% natural beeswax providing a most pleasurable knitting experience.

These circular needles were a big hit in our 'Summer Camp Kit this past year and are available in US Sizes 6 (4 mm). The needle barrel length is 32” needles come in a standard 4” length. They measure their circular needles from needle tip to needle tip.