Mill Ends


Big savings on short skeins.
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What do we mean by 'Mill Ends'?  Well, yarn comes to us from the mill on cones and the yarn is then measured out and broken up into individual skeins.  When we skein the yarn we always end up with lengths of yarn on the cone that is nor enough for a full skein so when we skein these thay are tossed into bins marked 'shorts'.  These shorts are then sorted, placed into bags that weigh at least 8 ounces and stored until we have enough to sell in a "Mill End Special". 

While each bag weighs at least one half pound that half pound will be comprised of multiple short skeins that you will need to splice together.  A bag may have as few as two skeins or it could contain twenty-two skein, who knows?  To make up for this inconvernience the discount is significant, typically 50% OR MORE! 

What does all this mean?  You wind up with a large quantity of premium Tibetan Yak yarn for a nominal cost.  You can't beat that!

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