Paco Vicuna - Lace


Paco-vicuña are a special alpaca that exhibits the phenotypical traits of the vicuña, its Andean ancestor. Paco-vicuñas are a cross between alpacas and vicuñas and have existed for some time in small quantities in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. There are very few Paco-vicuñas currently in the United States. Paco-Vicuna have the super-fine fiber like the wild vicuña but with somewhat longer and denser fleece like the alpaca.  Alpacas were originally domesticated from vicuñas over the past 6000 years. Vicuña traits can be observed in the alpaca herds that exist today on the altiplano, the high plateaus of South America.

Paco-Vicuña is extremely light which results in one getting twice the fiber per same weight as in alpaca or other natural fibers.  Paco-Vicuña excels at extreme uniformity, with good staple length and crinkle in the fiber.  Paco-Vicuña also has a very high degree of curvature, similar to merino.  This is an important trait that is tracked on every fleece as well.  Each fleece is professionally graded prior to being spun.  The grades are determined by the diameter of the individual fibers with the softest fiber having the smallest diameter & lowest grade number.  At Bijou Basin Ranch we typically only carry the softest Paco-Vicuña yarns, Grade 00 through Grade 1.

Paco-Vicuña Grades:

  • Grade 00 PV (11-13 microns)
  • Grade 0 PV (14-15 microns)
  • Grade 1 PV (16-17 microns)
  • Grade 2 PV (18-20 microns)
  • Grade 3 PV (21-23 microns)
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